Deal with Car Odors Before They Begin

Opening a car door to discover an awful smell isn't the most pleasant experience. Unless you learn how to control odors in the vehicle, you'll continue to suffer the fate of experiencing terrible odors at drive time. Thankfully, keeping a car smelling nice isn't an arduous task.

Consider it wise not to contribute to the problem. Don't eat fast food in the car or leave any trash inside the vehicle. Food and some beverages leave bacteria in the air, which ends up on the carpet. Avoid smoking in the car as well. The smell of smoke lingers a long time.

Driving the car with the windows down helps air the interior out, but it is not enough. The same is true of adding air fresheners. Vacuum the carpets and clean the entire interior. Bringing the car to a professional service helps, too.

Maintenance and service issues are important for luxury car drivers. If your car needs care, bring it to the service department at Napleton's Autowerks of Indiana, Inc.



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