What You Should Know About Your Brake Pads

Neglecting your brake pads could cause damage to the brake system and other aspects of the vehicle. Taking care of them means you'll be much safer. Napleton's Autowerks of Indiana, Inc. has been a part of this community for a while. There are safe drivers here, but a vehicle that has been compromised won't give you the kind of safety you are expecting.

Brake pads are there to help offset the friction that occurs when you press on the brakes. The friction is the result of the caliper squeezing the rotor. This needs to happen to stop the rotor and bring your vehicle to a complete stop.

The friction created when you brake is going to wear the pads down at some point, and it won't be able to protect the braking components from all the friction. This is the main reason you need to replace them when necessary, which could be at 30,000 miles. If you treat these pads right, they may last up to 70,000. Schedule a visit with our service department to see if your pads are ready for replacement or just have a complete vehicle inspection.



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