How to Minimize Sun Glare

The people who work at Napleton's Autowerks of Indiana, Inc. are drivers too. Therefore, we know how hard it can be to drive during times of intense glare. However, there are ways to keep this to a minimum. For instance, it can be a good idea to wash your windshield on a regular basis.

Doing so can get rid of streaks or debris that can intensify the sun's rays and make driving difficult. You should check your windshield wipers to ensure that they aren't creating streaks or other imperfections. If you have to drive in the morning or late evening, bring sunglasses to wear on your trip to work or school.

Using your visor can block some or all of the sun's rays without blocking your view of the road. If necessary, take an alternate route that allows you to avoid being in the direct path of the sun.



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