What to do if Your Car Slides on Ice

There are a lot of hazards on the highway, and when the weather gets bad, those hazards can become more dangerous. Icy roads are extremely dangerous because rain and snow can freeze quickly, and you may not even be able to see the ice before you start sliding. When your car slides, it’s typically the back that loses traction first. At Napleton's Autowerks of Indiana, Inc., we want to make sure you are prepared for all types of driving.

You can help prevent your car from sliding by ensuring that your tires are in good condition, have plenty of tread on them, and that you are driving slowly. You should avoid going over 45 MPH if there is a chance of icy roads in Schererville, IN.

If you do catch your vehicle sliding, let off the brakes and the gas until it stops. You can also correct the vehicle by turning it into the spin gently. If the back of the car is pulling to the left, turn your wheel to the left to correct it. Do not turn too sharply and straighten the wheel as the vehicle corrects itself.


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