Reading Your Tire Size

There are markings on every tire that contain valuable information for the owner and driver. The standard US markings indicate tire size and other capacities such as load and speed. The code may be unfamiliar, but learning a few basics can help.

  • The letter P indicates that it is a tire rated for passenger vehicles.
  • The letter R indicates radial tires.
  • The width of the tire has a number such as 225 or 245 measured in metric (millimeters).
  • The diameter is a number typically between 14 and 19 for passenger cars and higher or trucks.

Schererville, IN drivers can find other useful information printed on the tires such as the USDOT inspection and the place of production. At Napleton's Autowerks of Indiana, Inc., we can help you find the right tires to meet your needs, preferences, budget, and vehicle specifications. Please call for an appointment or drop by our location today.



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