Time to Swap Out Your Wiper Blades to Welcome Spring

The days of icy cold weather are fading, and the rains of spring are here. The wipers that are on your vehicle can make all the difference in you being able to see clearly when you are making your way through rain and pollen.

If you have winter wiper blades installed on your vehicle, you'll know that those blades have been built to not easily buckle to the weight of snow on the windshield and make it harder for you to see. Winter wiper blades are protected with a rubber case that keeps the framework from getting clogged with ice or snow. If that were to happen to your regular blades, the wipers couldn't flex and keep the windshield clear.

Now that winter is fleeing, it's time to reexamine your need for winter wiper blades instead of all-season or basic ones. Take a few minutes out of your day and allow Napleton's Autowerks of Indiana, Inc. to replace your wiper blades with the appropriate ones for the season.

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