Touch up Light Scratches

Small scratches can occur without a noticeable event. Rocks and debris on the road surface, slight impacts in a parking lot can leave light scratches on your vehicle. A touch up can remove visible signs of the scratch and more important the process can protect the surface.

Schererville area drivers know the importance of tending to scratches. The paint and finish layers protect the bare surface from rust and wear. The essential first step is to match the color. Then you can prepare the surface with cleaning and light sanding. Finally, you can apply the paint with a small tip.

At Napleton’s Autowerks of Indiana, Inc., we understand that the appearance of your car is important. When you get a light or deep scratch, we can provide quality materials for your repair. We can handle the entire job and, in most cases, remove visible signs of the damage and restore the protective coating. Call or stop by today.

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