When Should You Inspect Your Car Tires?

The best way to ensure the tire tread wears evenly throughout the car is to get the tires rotated often. If you haven't been to our dealership to get the tires inspected in a while, here are some of the things you should be looking for.

Cracks in the tire tread might be an indication the tires are malfunctioning. These cracks could be an early sign of more trouble to come like the tread actually separating from the tires.

Worn areas around the tires make it very difficult for the car to be able to stop in time to avert trouble. The less tread on the tires, the further the car will travel on the road before it comes to a complete stop.

Come to Napleton's Autowerks of Indiana, Inc. and our team will get your vehicle on the lift so we can check the tread on all the tires to look for any signs of trouble.

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